I am a Chicago based artist and art therapist. In 2016, i became a graduate of the masters of Arts in Art Therapy program from the school of the art institute of Chicago. 

       As an artist, I use my ability to create art as a way to process and breakdown serious and uncomfortable subject matter encountered in my daily life. A lot of my subject matter reflects the societal issues commonly found within the Black community caused by specific societal structures that have created a negative impact. Overall, my art plays a role in allowing me to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. As an art therapist, I assist others to do the same in their own lives by sharing aspects of my own art practice and making changes to fit the individual.

       As an artist/art therapist my overall goal is to begin and engage in conversations that lead to alternate ways of thinking ,as well as, changing the individuals view of their life and surrounding environment. I strive to constantly empower both myself, viewers, and clients.