Lets Talk Series

Black Hair (2016-)

Black hair is a continuous topic of conversation, whether it's in the media or in the household. Conversations about Black hair focus on determining what is considered good, bad, professional, appropriate, etc. Using this photo project, the intention is to bring attention to the fact that Black hair is diverse and there is no right or wrong way to wear our hair. 


Colorism (2016)

Colorist is defined as the biased treatment of individuals based on their skin tone. Colorism can occur interracially (similar to race bias) or intra-racially, with members of the same race. Using both personal and shared experiences, I created a series of art works that emphasized skin tone specific comments. 

The Black Figure (2017)

With the aid of the artistic technique of blind contour drawing, I began an intimate personal exploration. Blind Contour Drawing is an exercise that requires the artist to draw the outline of a subject without looking at the paper. I chose this technique because it forced me to actually sit and look at all of me. I wanted to take this as an opportunity to just appreciate my body, something that I found difficult to do for a long time.